Reception and Reading Groups for English speaking children in the western suburbs of Paris.


Who's Who

Meet the team!

  • President: Jenni Gibson
  • Treasurer: Hilary Vuillemin
  • Secretary: Laura Erhard
  • Membership Secretary: May Fitzpatrick
  • Parent Contact: Kirsty Mar├ęchal
  • Website Co-ordinator: Christian Brousseau
  • Fundraiser/co-ordinator: Fiona Mackay

  • Reception Class Teacher: Jane Cadman
  • Teachers: Barbara Nolan (Yr 1) , Jodie Long (Yr 2), Anna Dobrovolskis (Yr 3), Sybille Vincelet (Yr 4), LJ Desmeulles (Yr 5) and Jane Ugolini (Yr 6).
  • Helpers: Amanda Petit, Jacquie Vanhee, Kirstin Taylor, Liz Matheret, Marie-Carmen Cavallini, Ceri Gunn, Elliot Taylor

Would you like to volunteer a little of your time? If so, we would welcome you on our small team! Contact us on