Reception and Reading Groups for English speaking children in the western suburbs of Paris.


The roots of Trinity Tots go back to over 30 years ago when Holy Trinity Church set up an English playgroup to meet the needs of the young families joining the congregation.  In those days it was named after the Church and it was indeed very small, just one playgroup leader and a handful of children.  

As the years past, so the numbers grew and years 1 and 2 of the reading group were added and the playgroup extended to open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.    However due to a change in the legislation which led to the Church reorganising its activities and partly due to our growing success, the Church decided it was time for the playgroup and reading group to become independent of the Church which led to the necessity in September 2006 of creating a formal association.   A small group of enthusiastic volunteer parents along with the playgroup leader,  gathered together to look into the details of doing this and the first official meeting took place on 3 October 2006. A President, Treasurer and Secretary were duly appointed and we set to writing the statutes and rules and fulfilling all the administrative requirements.   To celebrate a new beginning, a new name was chosen -   'Association Trinity Tots'.  

The playgroup and reading group year 2 started on 8 November 2006 with about 30 children. Already by the following school year, 2007-2008, we had developed to a playgroup and reading group years 1, 2 and 3 with nearly 70 children. The school year 2008-2009, meant that reading group year 4 was added and in 2009-2010 we were able to add year 5. It is with great pleasure that in 2010-2011 we were able to add year 6 to complete the primary years curriculum for our bilingual children.

In 2019, we decided to create a class for College level children, and change the name of the Association to Trinity English School, to better reflect the age range of students in the group.