Reception and Reading Groups for English speaking children in the western suburbs of Paris.


Trinity English School is a non-profit making Association run by volunteer parents and employing experienced staff.

We do try our utmost to keep our costs as low as possible and the fees you pay go towards paying our teachers and helpers, their social charges, the use of the building and any necessary equipment and material.

2019/2020 Fees

You can become a member of Trinity English School by paying a membership fee of 40 euros (one per year and per family) 25€ per lesson in Reception Classes and 22€ per lesson in Reading Group Classes which roughly equates to:

  • 825€ per annum for Reception Classes 1 & 2 (PS & MS equivalent)
  • and 726€ per annum for all subsequent Reading groups.

These sums are payable in three cheques cashed in September, January and May.