Play and Reading Groups for English speaking children in the western suburbs of Paris.




'Trinity Arms' 5th Annual Pub Quiz 2013

On a very chilly Saturday night in February, the great tradition of the Trinity Tots Pub Quiz got underway. We were lucky enough to have been donated some Spitfire premium ale by the Shepherd Neame brewery, which was much appreciated by the pub go-ers. We had also been donated some Spitfire pint glasses to be raffled off in our popular quiz raffle too. The eventual winners were 'The Come Back Kids' and the lucky winners of our wooden spoon were 'Hunters on Wheels'. Thanks to everyone's hard work (especially the bar team and co-organiser Claire Sawyer) we managed to raise a fantastic 570 euros! Well done to all who participated and thank you for your support.

Christmas Hamper Raffle 2011

Thank you all for your kind donations to this years raffle, which included champagne, chocolates, foie gras and of course, baked beans! We were able to raise a staggering 340 euros for the Association. Well done everyone!

'Trinity Arms' 4th Annual Pub Quiz 2011

On Saturday 15th October at 8.30 p.m. the gloves were off again and the happy winners 'The Wurzels' also had the luck of winning the luxury raffle too. The slightly less buoyant team to win the wooden spoon were 'The Blockbusters'. Thanks to everyone's hard work (valiant efforts from the bar team and co-organiser Claire Sawyer) we managed to raise a fantastic 572.33 euros! Thank you all!


Christmas Hamper Raffle 2010

Due to everyone's generosity, Trinity Tots' Christmas hamper raffle raised 250 euros for the Association. We were able to make 5 hampers and still had enough goodies left over to make 2 runners up prizes. Jenni Gibson won the first and biggest hamper. The other winners were: Graham Horn, Catherine Legendre, Rano Chebaro, Tess Luperello-McCoy, Hesry Marshall and Delphine Dietrich. Many thanks to you all for your support and best wishes for a happy 2011 from all the committee members.


'Trinity Arms' 3rd Annual Pub Quiz 2010

On Saturday 9th October at 8.30 p.m. the much anticipated competition started! After many laughs, two teams waited to find out just who had won the honour of being TT Pub Quiz champions.... and with one point between them, team 'Could do Better' was finally bestowed this great title. Team 'The Suburbs' were slightly less impressed with their bottom ranking!! The luxury hamper raffle went down well and was won By Fiona Mackay (who was also on the winning team...) Thanks to everyone's hard work (especially the bar team and co-organiser Claire Sawyer) we managed to raise a fantastic 590.43 euros! Well done to all who participated and thank you.


Sponsored Obstacle Course Fun Day 2010

30 children, ranging from 2 to 10 years old, attended Trinity Tots' sponsored Fun Day on 5th June and raised over 600 euros for the association (450 Euros in sponsor money, the rest in donations and from the refreshment stall).
Despite the stifling heat that day, everyone performed excellently and completed a huge number of laps around the obstacle course. We would like to say another big thank you to everyone who helped and came along to support the event. We're looking forward to doing it again next year already!


'Trinity Arms' 2nd Annual Beetle Drive 2010

The Beetle Drive was held on Saturday 27th March and after a 'wet' entrance the Beetlers settled down for a fun and furious night (with Jane being the winning beetler!) Thanks to all your support and crisp buying we raised 151.75 euros.

Christmas Hamper Raffle 2009

This fundraising activity by Rachel and Carolyn, raised a staggering 280 euros - with 4 lucky winners this year: Christina, Rachel, Sophie and Diane. Well done to everyone; especially to the organisers and to the children for their food contributions!

'Trinity Arms' 2nd Annual Pub Quiz 2009

Another fantastic evening was held on Saturday 17th October in the 'Trinity Arms'. Again we had 14 teams all vying to be team number 1, which was finally awarded to 'The FawFens'. Team 'MBH' were rewarded with the wooden spoon - which they were delighted with!! ;)
Many thanks to those who helped with the evening and those who attended and gave generously to our donations box - we raised a grand total of 438.79 euros.
We hope to see you next year and Tania promises to make the questions slightly easier!!!

The winning team!


Sponsored Obstacle Course Fun Day 2009

This year's Fun Day was another great success.
Almost 40 children participated on the day and they all gave it their best as they clocked up several laps of the obstacle course. We had several groups, from as young as 2 years old up to the aged 8-9 category. We added a few extra skips and sprints for them and they duly rose to the challenge! Mums and Dads tried hard too, but couldn't match their children's performances!
The cake stand kept everyone's energy levels up and provided some much-needed refreshments, given the lovely weather we had.
Thanks to both parents and childrens' enthusiasm, we managed to raise 1082.06 euros (from sponsorships, donations and cake stand), which will be used to purchase materials, books, and cover general running expenses for the association.


'Trinity Arms' Beetle Drive 2009

What a fun night! Everyone really got stuck in and thanks to their Pimm's and Walker's crisp consumption (plus some very generous donors) we raised 215.49 euros.  Many thanks everyone!


Christmas Hamper Raffle 2008

Thanks to all the childrens donations and their parents buying lots of raffle tickets, Trinity Tots raised 325 euros which will directly benefit both the Reading and Play Groups. Thank you again for your generosity and well done Kate and Katell for winning the two lovely hampers!


October Pub Quiz 2008

On Saturday 11th October the Holy Trinity Church was turned into 'The Trinity Arms' for an evening of fun and intellect. 14 teams battled it out for the wooden spoon and/or bottles of champagne to much amusement. Team 'Lost' and 'The Delusionists' won these prizes respectively. Through donations, etc the total raised for our Association was 352.17 euros.  Many thanks to all involved for all their hard work - it was really worth the effort!


Sponsored Obstacle Course Fun Day 2008

 As an association, one of our aims is to provide an English language learning opportunity open to as many English speaking children as possible. In order to do this, we try to keep our running costs as low as we can but there are times when we do need some extra help. For example, last year we needed to buy new books and a table and chairs for our new reading group. We were able to achieve this by organising a sponsored obstacle course.  On a sunny Saturday afternoon in June, the children were divided into age groups and each group had two timed sessions on the obstacle course. The children were encouraged to get sponsored per lap and hence to do as many laps as they could. The children were very happy to help raise the funds on the day because they all realised the importance of pooling together to achieve our goal. A valuable lesson learnt in its own right. The day was made very much a 'fun day' with homemade refreshments and parents participating in the organising of the day's events and was enjoyed by all. In fact it was such a success in our first year that we decided to make it an annual event. The 2008 event has just been completed and we had even more children participating and raised 952.40 euros! Well done everyone!

Watch this space for next year's Fun Day!



Summer Picnic 2008

We all headed on down to the 'Pirate Boat Park' in Sartrouville for an end of term/year picnic.