Reception and Reading Groups for English speaking children in the western suburbs of Paris.


Trinity Tots has become TRINITY ENGLISH SCHOOL

Trinity English School (formerly Trinity Tots) provides quality English education for English-speaking children between the ages of 3 and 13.

Set in the beautiful, historic suburb of Maisons-Laffitte, just 15 kilometres to the north-west of Paris, Trinity English School offers bilingual families an affordable alternative to full-time international schooling or private English tutoring.

All classes are currently held on Wednesdays from 9:15am to 12:00pm during the French school term. For further information, please visit our Contact page.

Our Mission

Born of a parent volunteer initiative, and entirely staffed by native English speakers, Trinity English School has been helping children to explore and master the English language for over 30 years.

Our pupils come from a wide variety of backgrounds and nationalities, but they share a common bond with English through one or both of their parents.

Our mission is to ensure that anglophone children enrolled in the French school system achieve and maintain confidence and proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking English.

Why choose Trinity English School?

  • Our classes are small. With an average ratio of one adult for every five children, our small class sizes help to create an environment of trust that facilitates language development whilst allowing the teaching staff to provide each pupil with personalised attention adapted to his or her individual needs and pace of learning.

  • Our approach is holistic. Trinity English School is more than a teaching establishment; it is a community that offers children an immersive cultural experience every week. In addition to reading, writing, and speaking exercises, our pupils develop their English skills through games, song, arts and crafts, as well as various family events throughout the year.

  • Our passion is English! We want to instil and encourage in your child a love of the English language that will last a lifetime. Our teachers and assistants accompany our pupils through pre-primary and primary school, helping them to acquire English skills that will open a multitude of doors in their future education and beyond.

  • Join us!

    If you think that Trinity English School may be the right fit for your child's English education needs, please reach out to us by email on: 

    We would be delighted to welcome you to our community of anglophones and anglophiles!